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Facilities Management Services

At Adeeb, we pride ourselves on encouraging a culture of innovation and forward-thinking strategies. Innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies help us offer an advanced level of service and make every day a better day. We're constantly striving to optimize the efficiency of your business, to bring you the best services most efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our work covers a wide variety of businesses in all corners of the market in the private and public sectors, this has given us the experience and flexibility to deliver a multitude of efficient facility management services for your company. We’ve leveraged leading-edge solutions for maximum operational efficiency to create work environments that look to the future, with a focus on sustainable, seamless, and cost-effective solutions.

We are a professional integrated facilities services company that takes care of your entire facilities management needs to help you create a consistent level of services.

We always ensure personalized service, looking after your specific needs and taking care of you. Adeeb also gives you a unique combination of global expertise and local knowledge.

At Adeeb we specialize in:

Hard FM Services

We employ comprehensive asset management programs which consist of concrete planned preventive maintenance regimes and rapid response to corrective maintenance when a defect occurs. Our motto is to offer minimum or zero downtime for customer assets enhancing reliability and confidence in built environment operations.

Adeeb believes in offering hard servicing using the latest methods, international best practices, and state-of-the-art technology for diagnostics and recovery. Over the years we have built a strong team of technical staff ranging from engineers to technicians who are ready to offer their knowledge and expertise to maintain your prized properties.

We have in-house expertise on:

  • Mechanical / HVAC systems / Chiller Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Civil and structural systems
  • Building Management and Automation Systems
  • Mobile Team Solutions
  • Emergency Recovery Team Solutions
  • Refurbishment and Retrofit Solutions
  • Asset replacement Solutions


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