Jayakumar, MD of Adeeb Group

According to Jayakumar Balakrishnan, Managing Director, Adeeb specialised in ELV systems and gradually developed its operation by diversifying into related engineering operations such as facilities management, and MEP installation maintenance. By having its own MEP division, a company can save on costs and time since it takes time to find the right people and understanding their capabilities. Moreover, an in-house MEP team can handle the project better since it knows more about it. In general, most of our customers prefer the 'one-stop shop' concept. It is applicable to the FM industry, since the FM firm already knows the intricacies of every building, which makes trouble shooting easier. According to him, clients definitely benefit from this approach, when it comes to saving money. It also leads to better co-ordination. It is easier for the customer to have one point of contact to discuss their requirements and projects. Balakrishnan says with the advent of more players in the FM and MEP sector, retaining existing customers and winning new projects is the biggest challenge. "The way to sustain in the market is to achieve customer satisfaction through quality services".