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At ADEEB CCTV is all about you, your protection, safety of your property and most importantly your satisfaction.

Commercial, Industrial Organizations, Government & Education Sectors

Our CCTV solutions provide commercial organizations and industrial facilities with a comprehensive approach to ensuring the security of their customers, employees and assets. They also deliver advanced applications to help resolve liability claims, maintain health and safety standards and improve operations. Powerful video management software and innovative hardware deliver high quality video that can be accessed and managed efficiently from any remote or central location.

Security professionals benefit from real-time video monitoring and video wall displays of two to two hundred monitors or more. Video Analytics add further intelligence by cutting through vast amounts of live video quickly and generating alerts only on incidents of concern. These proven analytics range from perimeter protection and camera tampering alarms, to loitering and left object detection. They help staff react immediately and often proactively to potential threats.

IP video solutions are playing an ever increasing role in the overall security efforts of government and educational authorities. Our solutions support live video monitoring from any networked location, including security operations centers fitted with video walls and any number of display monitors.

Access Control and Time & Attendance Systems

At ADEEB Access Control System is delivered with the objective of backward integration to CCTV, Barrier Gates, and Turnstiles.

Our Identity/Visitor Management solutions enhance your existing access control while streamlining the Identity Visitor Management process. It also ensures ample visitor control plus records keeping. Simply and easily schedule visits, register and track visitors, sign in/sign out, update profiles, print temporary badges and more are just a few of the ways our ID management suite of products meets and exceeds market demands.

Home Automation Systems

Automation solutions include motorized curtain controls, intelligent lighting systems, wide screen plasma / LCD monitors, high lumen projectors, audio video systems, electronic white boards, Video Conferencing etc controlled by Touch Panels from Industry leading manufacturers.

These Touch Panels act as a universal remote control enabling easy operation of systems with added convenience eliminating the hassles of numerous numbers of remote controls. Connectivity from Laptops / computers to Projectors or display monitors is also an advantage for presentations etc.

Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting Systems

There are number of reasons for installing fire detection & alarm systems. Each system at ADEEB is designed to fulfill specific needs.

ADEEB fire alarm system notifies occupants to take evasive action to escape the dangers of a hostile fire. It also, initiates automatic fire control and suppression systems to assure that the property of yours protected against fire and your investments are secured.

SMATV Systems

ADEEB has a special niche in the satellite market for high rise towers. With more than 1000 satellite programs available through popular satellites, the need for IF distribution was long realized by ADEEB and our partners. We deliver direct signals from leading satellites through multi switches to all your TV outlets in your property.

All our engineers and technicians are well trained to use special connectors with low termination losses to carry your satellite signals to longer distances.

Audio / Video Door Entry Systems

Door Entry Systems give you safety and convenience in checking visitors by both video and audio without having to open the door. Once the person is identifies, the door can be open via the same monitor. For more security you can have the main entrance panel with built-in pin code and electronic lock. This application can be used in commercial and residential buildings, plus in single or group of villa projects.

Gate Barriers & Turnstile solutions

ADEEB offers you highly industrial grade electromechanical barriers & stainless steel turnstiles for securing your building entrances. All the barriers & turnstiles are manufactured for frequent and high speed operations and are delivered with a host of options for integration with access control and other electromechanical devices.

ADEEB offers a comprehensive maintenance contract for all such installations and we undertake regular preventive maintenance to ensure trouble free operation.

PA & Voice Evacuation Systems

Public address and emergency voice evacuation has become a life safety system in all high rise towers and complexes. This system not only provides music in the premises but also plays a life saving role when it comes to emergency.

ADEEB offers you the most precise and cost effective solution for your PA/Voice Evacuation systems. Our engineers are trained to design proper sound dispersion levels and advise you on the interiors of your property to be acoustic in order to prevent echo and sound reverberations.

Intrusion Alarm Systems

At ADEEB, we believe “Prevention is better than cure”. When it comes to Alarm Systems, we offer a whole wide variety of Intruder Detection solutions for Home, Government, Industrial and High Security installations. Such as high tech infrared beam detectors, microwave technology, fiber optics cable detection and electric barb wires.

Our engineers are well trained to design safe and secure system for your residence, villas, offices, shopping malls etc. to ensure that you are at ease when away from your home or office.

The audio / video intercom product is available in various designs to suit and add value to your property.

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